About SoloSleeving

We are a small business located in the United States creating genuine, handmade PC cables.

The story

With an absence of variety in the market, it was a challenge to acquire high quality PC cables. Mass-manufactured cables were widely accepted as the standard, and premade parts were being utilized by some to cut corners. There was ultimately a lack of designs, colors, and unfortunately, quality.

This is when it was time to go solo and take hold of the responsibilities behind the creation of computer cables, as a unique twist was produced for the community: handmade PC cables.

Today, we continue to grow our list of customization options, develop new, innovative ideas for cables, and handcraft some of the most remarkable color patterns being designed every single day.



Overall sleeving colors


Comb colors



You should be able to view your cables before making any commitments. We have created a live cable designer with the real sleeving colors to show a true-to-life example of how the final product will look.

In addition, being able to preview and save your personal designs to the cart allows for easy customization, and simplifies the process of passing the information to us so we can create exactly what you need.

The Mission

Cut the middleman out, keep it strictly one-on-one with customers, and deliver genuine, handmade PC cables. By pursuing this goal from day one, we have been able to work with some amazing individuals and businesses, and create SoloSleeving into what it is today.

With no intentions of deviating from this objective, we will continue to push the aesthetic boundaries of custom PC cables, and provide you with the tools to design right along with us.