Blue Camo and Black Paracord Extension Cables

Black and Blue Spec.

Red and Black Sleeved PC Cables

Red, Black, Starry Night, and Red Diamonds

Neon Green Sleeved Extension Cables for Custom PC Builds

Starry Night, Charcoal Gray, Neon Green, and Neon Green Ninja

Sleeved PC Extension Cables in Black and Pink

Rose Pink, Black, and Starry Night

Blue and White Custom Sleeved Power Supply Cables

Colonial Blue, White, Gunmetal Gray, and Grayscale.

Noctua Color Sleeved Extension Cables

Creme, Black, and Brown.

Rainbow Sleeved PC Cables

White, Spectrum, Yellow, Neon Orange, Red, Fuchsia, Acid Purple, Royal Blue, Turquoise, and Seafoam.

Pink and White Paracord Modular Cables

Rose Pink and White.

Black, White, and Gray Colored Power Supply Cables

Silver Gray, Gunmetal Gray, and Black.

Neon Green and Black Sleeved Extension Cables

Black, Green Fuse, and Neon Green Shockwave, Diamonds, and Stripes

Orange and black paracord PC cable extensions

Black, Neon Orange, and Charcoal Gray.

Blue and Black PSU Cables for Custom PC Build

Denim, Touch of Gray, and Black.

Black and White Themed PSU Cables

Touch of Gray, Titanium, and Grayscale.

Gray Paracord Sleeved PSU Cables

Titanium and Gunmetal Gray.

Custom Sleeved PC Power Supply Cables

White Shockwave, Neon Orange Diamonds, Black, and White.

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Electric Blue & Black Stripes, Charcoal Gray, and Black

Black and White Sleeved Modular Cables for Sponsorship

Grayscale, Touch of Gray, Black, and White.

Custom sleeved blue paracord extension cables

Ice Wave, Denim, and Acid Purple

White paracord sleeved extension cables

Black, White, and White Shockwave.

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Starry Night, Black, Red, and Red Diamonds.

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Black, Charcoal Gray, Touch of Gray, and Burgundy

Custom sleeved blue and white paracord extension cables

White, Charcoal Gray, Ice Wave, Blue Spec, and Colonial Blue.

Black and White Designed PSU Cables

White, Black, and White Shockwave.

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Charcoal Gray, Black, and Turquoise

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White, Turquoise, Ice Wave, Blue Fuse, and Electric Blue