24 Pin Custom Sleeved Paracord Modular Power Supply Cable



custom PSU cables that define PC builds

Personalize your PC and stand out from the crowd with our 24 Pin sleeved power supply cables. Featuring zero design limitations from our variations, and the ability to customize every aspect of the cable, we make it easy to transform a mundane PC build into something special. Our goal is to make it effortless for you to configure sleeved PSU cables with custom specifications, and be able to show it off in a color pattern of your own. Start your upgrade by designing the 24 Pin cable.

Custom Sleeved Modular Replacement Cables for Power Supplies in Blue
Gold Custom Sleeved Modular Power Supply Cables
Red and Black Custom Sleeved Modular Power Supply Cables
Black and White Themed PSU Cables
Orange and Black Modular PSU Cables

Design to your specific needs

With an emphasis on design, our custom PSU cables are built with the enthusiast in mind. Every custom PC build consists of different parts, so instead of settling on pre-made kits, design cables with the appropriate lengths and color patterns for your unique build.

90+  Paracord Colors

10+  Comb Colors

We have developed our cable designer as a tool to help users better understand how patterns will look before making any commitments. By integrating real images of paracord sleeving, we can present true-to-life design examples as you configure the 24 Pin cable.

In addition, having the ability to preview and save cable designs to the cart allows for easy customization, and simplifies the process of passing the information to us to create exactly what you need. 

Custom Sleeved Orange PSU Cables

it’s all about The details

SoloSleeving power supply cables are not, and will never be, mass produced. We take great pride in handcrafting our custom sleeved PSU cables. From the wire cutting, crimping, and soldering, to the cable sleeving and assembly, there are zero shortcuts taken during production. We are truly passionate about our handmade cables, and we believe our quality reflects it. No matter the circumstance, our custom power supply cables will always be created from the ground up with proper crimping, sleeving, and soldering techniques. 


Every terminal is crimped directly to the insulation of the wire and not over the sleeving. This method of attaching the terminal to the wire provides the strongest possible bond between the terminal, wire, and connector. Once crimped, the sleeving is stretched tight and melted over the terminal to seal the wire.


We use thick 16 gauge wire for our modular replacement cables. Generally, 16 gauge wire is only used within high wattage power supplies. However, we use it among all applications for the safest results. In addition, a nice full appearance is showcased from the thicker wire.

Cable sleeving

The paracord involved in our cable crafting process is 100% made in the USA. The nylon paracord is tightly stretched along the wire making sure no loose sleeving is present. In addition, this also allows the cable to be more rigid when bent. A more rigid curved cable can simplify routing in a PC case by adhering to the bends easier than a straight cable.

Sense Wires & Soldering

The power supply cable’s sense wires are always included, and they will be located towards the PSU end of the cable. Please be aware that short modular cables, specifically at 20cm, may only allow for two cable combs due to the amount of space needed for the sense wires and standard flexing.

We use the safest soldering standards when creating our power supply cables. Cold joints are never present in our wires, and we can assure the solder flows fully threw the conductor strands.

Cable COmbs

We design and produce every comb in-house. This perk has allowed us to create the perfect sizes, styles, and colors for our applications. We can also create custom comb designs and colors per request.

Black and Gray Paracord Custom Sleeved Modular PSU Cables

Modular Cable compatibility

Not all power supply cables are interchangeable, as PSU units can be manufactured by different companies. This process may result in opposing wiring configurations from one PSU series to the next. However, we have created tables outlining which power supplies and cables are compatible. To determine if we support your power supply, match the unit to the cable type listed in this article.

Supported Power Supplies

We currently support 28 power supplies across 6 brands. Popular power supplies by EVGA, Corsair, Seasonic, and ASUS are currently available. Furthermore, a few units from Thermaltake and Cooler Master are also compatible with our custom PSU cables.

Using the live cable designer

When designing a cable, you will be looking at the front of the connector with its clip on the back. Every wire row is fully customizable with the available sleeving colors present on the page. Connectors can be adjusted to black or white, depending on the cable, and the comb color may be changed to match the overall pattern. The live designer will update once colors have been selected.

What cables to order

To ensure the correct cables are ordered, please view this article beforehand. If, however, you still have questions about the cables for your PC, we will always be here to help.