24 Pin Paracord Sleeved PC Extension Cable



The designer’s choice for sleeved pc cables

Take PC building to the next level with custom 24 Pin sleeved extension cables. These cables are professionally crafted and fully customizable for any PC build. With our easy-to-use tools, and a plethora of paracord colors, you can finally design the perfect 24 Pin cable.

Being the starting point for most cable sets, the 24 Pin cable provides the most customization with twelve wire rows. Whether you decide to add a splash of color to your computer, or keep it low-profile with a sleek monochromatic pattern, the design is entirely up to you! Simply select the colors of interest to begin creating a pattern.

Paracord Sleeved PC Cable Extensions in Blue and White
Red and Black Sleeved PC Cables
Paracord PC Cables in Purple and White Diamonds
Orange and Black Sleeved Extension Cables
Custom Diamond Paracord Extension Cables

Handmade for extensive customization

Create the 24 Pin cable that is right for you. With our wide selection of color options, there will no longer be a need to settle for pre-made color choices. You design, and we deliver.

90+ Paracord Colors

10+ Comb Colors

Our leading live cable designer has been developed to grant you the ability to preview your color patterns before making any commitments. By using real images of paracord sleeving, we are able to present true-to-life design examples live.

In addition, having the ability to preview and save cable designs to the cart allows for easy customization, and simplifies the process of passing the information to us to create exactly what you need. 

Custom Noctua Styled PC Cable Extensions

it’s all in The details

SoloSleeving cables are not mass produced, as we take great pride in handcrafting our custom 24 Pin PC cables. From the wiring cutting and crimping, to the cable sleeving and assembly, there are zero shortcuts taken during production. Our sleeved PC cables will always be created from the ground up with proper crimping and sleeving techniques. 


Every terminal is crimped directly to the insulation of the wire and not over the sleeving. This method of attaching the terminal to the wire provides the strongest possible bond between the terminal, wire, and connector. Once crimped, the sleeving is stretched tight and melted over the terminal to seal the wire.


We use thick 16 gauge wire for our 24 Pin cables, and every other paracord extension cable offered. As a result, a nice full appearance is showcased. Thin and flimsy wires are truly a thing of the past.

Cable sleeving

The paracord involved in our cable crafting process is 100% made in the USA. The nylon paracord is tightly stretched along the wire making sure no loose sleeving is present. In addition, this also allows the cable to be more rigid when bent. A more rigid curved cable can simplify cable routing in a PC case by adhering to the bends easier than a straight cable.

Make it Curved

Take advantage of our curved cables and spend less time worrying about cable management. Just plug in, and let the cable do the routing.

It is important that the connector’s clip direction is selected correctly, as curved cables can not be bent in the opposite direction. The connector’s clip on the cable must align with the component’s connector to curve in the desired direction. There are two images above  demonstrating the difference between inside of the curve, and outside of the curve.

When designing a cable, you are looking at the front of the connector with its clip on the back.  For more information, please view our article here

Neon Green and Black Sleeved Extension Cables
Additional Information

All extension cables plug into the ends of the existing power su